The Sharehouse Market’s Twelve Days of Pay As You Feel

We’re going to tell you a Christmas story. We hope you’re sitting comfortably…

It was 11pm on Christmas Eve in Sheffield and all was quiet. The trees were decorated, the carrots and mince pies left out for Santa. All was quiet except for The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield’s elves, who were keeping the Sharehouse open for one more hour to make sure no food was wasted before Christmas Day.

Christmas has always been a time of great festivities and plenty, but the elves knew that meant there would be a great deal of edible food thrown away. This made the elves very sad and worried. Who would pick up the food? What would happen to it if it wasn’t sold? What if nobody liked the last packet of stuffing sat there all lonely on the shelf at closing time?

The elves thought about it and decided to come up with a plan to save the food. Normally the elves can use all the food they pick up to feed people from the cafe or via the Fuel For School program. But at Christmas things would be different. Not only would there be a huge amount of food, the cafes and schools were closed until January too!

The elves were very worried about where the food will go. Until…..The Sharehouse Market was born! On Christmas Eve, the elves decided they will open up the market at midday and keep it open until midnight. The elves really want all the food to be eaten, and what better way than by letting people come and pick it up to use at home?

The Sharehouse Market will be open for everyone from midday – midnight on Saturday 24th December. It will also be open from 27th-31st December, 12-4pm and from 2nd-8th January, 12-4pm. It is located here.

The food is available on a pay as you feel basis, meaning customers can contribute time, money or a skill to help the project sustain itself.

Come and help the elves! Collect some food, contribute to the project and help us lead the way in reducing food waste all year round, not just at Christmas.

The End.


3 thoughts on “The Sharehouse Market’s Twelve Days of Pay As You Feel

  1. Aboustley lovely gesture as there are so many children/family and others struggling to feed themselves in this country,you need to post this to all known food stores merry Christmas this really touched my heartx


  2. What a brilliant idea to set this up. I’m coming along today. Had my bank account scammed last week, they left me with payday loan debt and took anything else I had, left me with nothing.


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