Fuel For School in Sheffield: Open Days

Back in November ’16 we started working with Greenhill Primary School and Walkley Primary School on the development of our Fuel For School program. It’s been an exciting journey with a lot of very positive impact in both schools. You can now come and see for yourself how it all works!

The market stall and the activities we’ve organised around it are already changing behaviours and perceptions towards food in both children and parents. Children have had the opportunity to learn about an incredible range of fresh and seasonal produce by working with it on the market stall, and by the meals cooked at home from the produce parents have picked up at the stall.


The sharing of food on a Pay As You Feel basis also has many other fantastic side effects. Some families face challenges having access to fresh and healthy food, and while the market stall is there for all parents, it makes a particular difference to families with a bit less spending power. At the same time the market stall is also a great way to bring people together. Parents have started recipe exchanges, and the market stall is always a good opportunity for a member of staff to catch up with a parent they haven’t spoken to in a while.

There is no better way to explain how the program works than by actually seeing it, so we’re organising 2 open days in April where other schools can see the program in action at one of the pilot schools:

  • Thursday 6th April: Open day at Greenhill Primary School from 13:30 – 16:00 with lunch (book here)
  • Friday 28th April: Open day at Walkley Primary School from 8:00 – 10:30 with breakfast (book here)

If your school is interested, please come and join us on one of these days. If you can’t make it we’ll gladly arrange to come and visit your school when it suits you. Just email rene@realjunkfoodsheffield.com.

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