A wish list of things

Hi Sheffield!

Way back in 2015 when we started the project we had a wish list of items. Lots of lovely people donated things to us and really helped to get the project going.

Two years on and the time has come to ask again! We’re expanding and opening another pay-as-you-feel café and are in need of some things. We would like to reuse if possible and recycle/up-cycle things that are no longer wanted.

If you have any of the following items that you no longer need you can drop them off at the Sharehouse, 49 Carlisle Street, S4 7LJ Monday – Saturday from 10am – 4pm. We may be able to collect depending on location too.

Main plates
Soup Bowls
Starter/Dessert plates
Water jugs
Milk jugs
Wine glasses
Metal cutlery
Tupperware – any size with lids.
Kitchen appliances – do you have a working food processor, panini press, fryer, juicer, blender etc lurking in a back cupboard and never used? We’d love it!
Email info@realjunkfoodsheffield.com or call 07761 876 690 if you can help.
Thank you x

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