Sharehouse Market’s Cherry Tomato Challenge

What would you do with 10kg of sliced cherry tomatoes?  

The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield intercepts food that is destined to be wasted unnecessarily and then makes it available to the people of Sheffield on a pay-as-you-feel basis, from the Sharehouse Market. Founded and run Jo Hercberg and René Meijer the project will be taking an unusually large shipment of unwanted tomatoes early next week.

The 50 tonnes of frozen sliced cherry tomatoes are perfectly edible, they were refused by a large manufacturer as they were “sliced incorrectly”. You might wonder how many ways there are to slice a cherry tomato, and how there could be an incorrect one, but this is all part of a much bigger problem with food manufacture. The supplier was faced with either binning the food or trying to pass it on. Jo explained that “luckily the supplier was aware of us and the project, otherwise this food would have gone in to landfill, and actually offering to deliver it to us – while it’s a bit of an administrative challenge is possibly the most responsible way for them to deal with the problem”

On or around the 30th January 2018 the ‘Tomatothon’ will commence. The project hopes the people and business of Sheffield will really relish this challenge. They do not have enough freezer space to keep the tomatoes frozen and so they’re asking the city to get creative.

René explains that “We’re asking for a minimum donation of £1 for a 10kg container of tomatoes” Jo adds “we would love it if people would then share what they do with their tomatoes with us on social media, we think this is a opportunity to have a big public conversation about food waste”.

We want you to sign up online at then pick the tomatoes up when they arrive. If you can get them into your freezer on the same day they will remain good for 24 months. Once they’ve defrosted they’re still good for 3 to 5 days. After that, this huge quantity of food is only good for compost, animal feed or landfill. The projects’ mission is ‘Feeding bellies, not bins!’. Using the hash-tag #belliesnotbins share recipes, photos of your feast and let us know what you do with them!

2 thoughts on “Sharehouse Market’s Cherry Tomato Challenge

  1. Reblogged this on Green and Rose and commented:
    What a huge amount of tomatoes going to waste. The “large manufacturer” should be ashamed of themselves. They should be named and shamed! Would love to go to Sheffield to get some but I don’t think it is economically viable to drive a 120 mile round-trip just for a bag of tomatoes!
    Real Junk Food Projects like this one are doing an amazing job though. X


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