Behind the Scenes – BBC Filming

Exciting work is happening at The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield! A few months ago, the BBC contacted the project asking to take part in a TV programme scheduled to be aired later this year.

Partly focusing on the backstories and finance side of business, they found the project through its nomination for the Social Enterprise of the Year Award organised by Responsible Finance earlier this year and wanted to share our success story as part of the programme. Being proud of the project’s recognition the offer was eagerly accepted, and so filming ensued…and a film crew was sent our way!

BBC filming behind the scenes at the Citrus Cafe for The Real Junk Food Project

Keen to show all aspects of the project, filming took place across numerous locations –this day in particular taking us to the Citrus Café at the Zest Centre (Upperthorpe) and the Warehouse (Burgreave). Hoping to catch a full lunchtime rush, the Citrus Café was first on the agenda, showing how a portion of the food collected is redistributed rather than wasted. On arrival, the crew proceeded to set up their extensive kit before heading into the kitchen to capture their own behind the scenes shots of the café. Initial impressions proved that it was better to leave them to their work, allowing them to capture candid shots where possible and get an idea of the surroundings.

Before long, however, we saw the structured side to filming we all expect. Soon enough, staff and volunteers were asked to walk into shots and re-enact their movements to be caught on camera, working the angles and building the artsy content alongside the candid shots. Despite having to play to the cameras for a few moments, the natural atmosphere of the café prevailed and the people both working and visiting the café soon felt comfortable around the cameras. In fact, the general public proved to be a highlight from the day, being eager to get involved and showing enthusiasm towards interviews. It was wonderful seeing the café fill up with customers around lunch time, allowing the crew to see a bustling business and a glimpse of the “success story” they came for.

BBC filming for The Real Junk Food Project

The Citrus Café covered, a location change was in order. A quick drive over to the Sharehouse Market at the Warehouse in Burngreave, and the filming continued. With the cafés providing a visual for where the food is redistributed, it was time to show the process that comes beforehand. Hours were spent recording the food collection and organisation process, often broken up by staff interviews explaining more about the project and its backstory.

No one could have prepared us for how thorough the filming process would be, and with such a huge collection of footage filmed it’s hard to predict what the final product will include. Being asked to be part of the programme is something we can be proud of, something that will hopefully help us reach a wider audience as we continue to expand the project and broaden its reach. The working schedule for the programme to be aired towards the end of the year leaves us eagerly anticipating the final product, and we will be sure to keep you updated of news as it comes. Watch this space!


2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – BBC Filming

  1. I think I took part in this in January / February? I had my baby in a sling. I’m sure the lady asking questions said it was a university project though for these awards? How do I find out which it was and get in touch to make sure I don’t miss it?


    1. Hi Georgina, the filming was last week so unless you were here on Tuesday 5th June so it’s unlikely this was the same thing. This documentary, should they choose to use our content, will be aired in the autumn and we will let everyone know about it. We did attend an awards do in March and there was some filming around that, but it was for the ceremony rather than public.


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