TRJFP Sheffield’s 3rd Birthday…featuring Lord Mayor Magid!

We’re halfway through 2018, which means The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield is officially three years old! Originally started as a small enterprise to raise awareness of food waste through pop up shops and great cooking, The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield has come a long way in the space of three years. And so it only seemed right to celebrate!

We had a big birthday bash at Sentinel Brewhouse at the beginning of July, complete with food, drinks…and the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid! We were already excited to be celebrating our third year of the project, but having the Lord Mayor of Sheffield in attendance only made the event more special. Seeing him take up an interest in what we do and be as enthusiastic as we are made us proud to be a part of it, and has only encouraged us to shout about the project all the more. After many friendly greetings, chats and photos taken with the Lord Mayor, our excitement was very much raised and the celebrations hit full swing!


Suiting the UK heatwave perfectly, the staff at Sentinel Brewhouse cooked up a tasty BBQ with food provided by The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield. The smell of food in the air while being surrounded by the friends that have helped the project over the years seemed like the best way to celebrate, and it’s fair to say we all had an amazing time. The evening served as a reminder of everything we’ve accomplished so far…so here’s to the next three years!



If you’d like to be part of the project yourself, check out our volunteering page or even make a donation here!

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