Birthday Bash Part 2: The Lord Mayor Magid of Sheffield’s Speech!

As you might have seen, earlier this week we held a birthday bash for the 3rd birthday of The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield, and we were so excited to see Lord Mayor Magid of Sheffield attend! We shared a post about the event earlier this week, so if you missed that you can click here.

But since we’re still thrilled to be celebrating the third year of the project, we thought we’d share another sneak peek from the evening – the Lord Mayor Magid’s speech!

We’re so grateful for everyone who has helped and supported the project over the years, whether you were there in the beginning or are a recent addition to the team!

If you want to help support the project, please see our volunteer or donations pages, and keep up to date with our updates across all our social media pages. Links to the social media pages for The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield will be below, along with links to our cafes’ pages for those interested!

The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield –  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Citrus Cafe (Upperthorpe) –  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Steeple Corner Cafe (Norfolk Park/City Centre) –  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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