Citrus Cafe Tour!

Citrus Cafe, opened as a collaboration between The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield and the Zest Centre at Upperthorpe, is celebrating its first birthday this month! It’s done well in its first year, but we still don’t think enough people know about it. So, here’s a visual tour of the cafe, showing you just how easy it is to get there!

More Information:

The food at Citrus Cafe is provided by The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield, saving food that would be destined for landfill and turning it into tasty meals. It is run partly by volunteers along with a couple of professional chefs, expertly keeping the cafe running and providing the public with delicious food. The cafe falls under a pay-as-you-feel system, making sure you get value for money while also helping the project expand. We’re open 9:00-2:00 Monday to Thursday, 9:00-4:00 Friday, the cafe remaining open later Friday for the Social Dining Club that all are welcome to join.

If you want to help support the project, please see our volunteer or donations pages, and keep up to date with our updates across all our social media pages. Links to the social media pages for The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield will be below, along with links to our cafes’ pages for those interested!

The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield –  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Citrus Cafe (Upperthorpe) –  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Steeple Corner Cafe (Norfolk Park/City Centre) –  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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