Meet our new Ocado Foundation van

The Ocado Foundation, with whom we’ve worked for over 2 years, have gifted us a brand new refrigerated van! 

Isn’t she a beaut??

Ocado Van
Ocado Foundation and The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield van

The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield collect food from Ocado Sheffield Spoke 6 days a week to ensure it’s put to good use. Food from Ocado ends up with us due to several reasons; maybe the customer isn’t in to receive their order, the customer may not want items in the order, some items are damaged etc. Sometimes the weather or accidents en route can play a part, as the food may not get to the Sheffield depot on time for delivery.

Ocado got in touch with us back in 2016 to see if we could help them use this returned food. Of course we said yes and we’ve been working together ever since! As part of the Ocado Foundation offer to us, our volunteer drivers have been able to undertake Ocado driver training and certification too.

Having a refrigerated van will save the TRJFP Sheffield team a lot of time as they won’t have to decant chilled items into insulated boxes any more. This means they can be on the road for longer collecting surplus food to feed #belliesnotbins!

Thanks Ocado!

If you’d like to join our volunteer driver or warehouse team get in touch via

Our fleet including Juan the Electric Van, looking tiny in comparison!


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