Fuel For School in Sheffield: Open Days

Back in November ’16 we started working with Greenhill Primary School and Walkley Primary School on the development of our Fuel For School program. It’s been an exciting journey with a lot of very positive impact in both schools. You can now come and see for yourself how it all works!

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Sheffield Food and Beer Collaborations with Sentinel Brewhouse

Back in October 2016 we started to run a monthly food and beer pairing evening with Sentinel Brewhouse, who are based at 178 Shoreham Street. These events have become hugely popular with the most recent selling out in 14 minutes flat.

The secret to the success has definitely been the energy that Sentinel’s Head Chef, Brez Barwise, has put in to the menu along with the passion and knowledge added by Alex Barlow, Sentinel’s Head Brewer and MD to match the beers to the food. It’s no easy task, given that the team don’t know what’s on the menu until the day!

Working alongside Sentinel has been, and continues to be, a fantastic collaboration for The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield. It’s the highlight of our month and not only allows us to feed more bellies but allows our volunteers to gain new skills in a professional kitchen environment. The Sentinel team also volunteer their time on the night to open up, manage the bar and help serve the meals.

The menus have varied from ‘Jerky Turkey’, Lamb Madras, Clementine Sorbet, Wort Crusted Lamb Shoulder, Mushroom Galettes to the unforgettable Christmas Pudding Ice Cream! There is always something for everyone with meat eaters, vegans, vegetarians and everything in-between catered for. Brez and the team work with the wort, hops and grains to add them in to the dishes to ensure full usage of the brewerybby products. Take a look at some of the delicious meals…

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We definitely think Sentinel deserve to win the Exposed Award for Best Local Brewery so vote now! http://www.exposedmagazine.co.uk/news/exposed-awards-2017-vote-here/

If you’ve missed out on tickets so far, don’t worry, there will be plenty more opportunities and Sentinel also run a daily menu throughout the week from brunch to Sunday lunch.

Call in for one of their tasting flights or a brewery tour to find out more.


Steeple Corner Café opens 5 days a week!

Steeple Corner Café, based in Victoria Centre, Stafford Road, will re-open after a Christmas break 5 days a week from Tuesday 10th January 2017!

The café will serve breakfasts, lunches, drinks, snacks and cakes during the following hours:

Tuesday                  10am – 4pm

Wednesday           10am – 4pm

Thursday               10:30am – 4pm

Friday                    10am – 4pm

Saturday                10am – 4pm

Saturday Evening Bistro       7pm-9pm

Steeple Corner Café is part of The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield and operates on a pay-as-you-feel basis, meaning customers can offer money, time or skills in return for their meals. The team are made up of volunteers and a full time chef.

Check out some pics of our food and menus from last year!


The Saturday evening bistros will launch again shortly, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates!

You can find the café on Stafford Road, between City and Granville Road in S2.

The Sharehouse Market’s Twelve Days of Pay As You Feel

We’re going to tell you a Christmas story. We hope you’re sitting comfortably…

It was 11pm on Christmas Eve in Sheffield and all was quiet. The trees were decorated, the carrots and mince pies left out for Santa. All was quiet except for The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield’s elves, who were keeping the Sharehouse open for one more hour to make sure no food was wasted before Christmas Day.

Christmas has always been a time of great festivities and plenty, but the elves knew that meant there would be a great deal of edible food thrown away. This made the elves very sad and worried. Who would pick up the food? What would happen to it if it wasn’t sold? What if nobody liked the last packet of stuffing sat there all lonely on the shelf at closing time?

The elves thought about it and decided to come up with a plan to save the food. Normally the elves can use all the food they pick up to feed people from the cafe or via the Fuel For School program. But at Christmas things would be different. Not only would there be a huge amount of food, the cafes and schools were closed until January too!

The elves were very worried about where the food will go. Until…..The Sharehouse Market was born! On Christmas Eve, the elves decided they will open up the market at midday and keep it open until midnight. The elves really want all the food to be eaten, and what better way than by letting people come and pick it up to use at home?

The Sharehouse Market will be open for everyone from midday – midnight on Saturday 24th December. It will also be open from 27th-31st December, 12-4pm and from 2nd-8th January, 12-4pm. It is located here.

The food is available on a pay as you feel basis, meaning customers can contribute time, money or a skill to help the project sustain itself.

Come and help the elves! Collect some food, contribute to the project and help us lead the way in reducing food waste all year round, not just at Christmas.

The End.


We’re on the move!

Back in November 2015 we opened a cafe based in Regather Works in Sharrow. Sadly we’ve outgrown the tiny cafe and the time has come to move on.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has come to Club Garden Road to dine with us, offered their services to volunteer and helped us make some brilliant memories over the last year. Over 7000 people have been fed and 100s of tonnes of food saved from the bin! 

Our new cafe is called Steeple Corner Cafeand is the first in a string of pay-as-you-feel outlets being planned to open across Sheffield. Based at Victoria Centre, Stafford Road in S2, the Steeple Corner Cafe will open 5 days a week from January 2017.  You may have already read about us in The Star!

The last day of our operation at Regather will be Sunday 18th December, where we will bid a fond farewell to both the regulars and the team at Regather.

We’ve had a great time running the cafe in Sharrow, we’ve learned a lot and met some incredible people. 2017 holds many exciting plans for us including more cafes, working collaboratively with various organisations across the city and saving a huge amount of food!

The Steeple Corner Cafe operates on a pay as you feel basis and will open 5 days a week from Tuesday 10th January. You can find out more about the cafe via Facebook and Twitter or follow us on Instagram.

Thanks for the good times, we do hope you can come and check out our new venue!

The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield x

Some of our favourite memories from the past year…