Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Junk Foods

Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Junk Foods

Munching onto oily foods for a great evening snack would be a great way to spend time with your friends and family. With today’s decadent food culture affecting the people’s health, there is a dire need for food stalls that sell healthy products to take over the spaces occupied by the junk food stores. The fried chicken, burgers, donuts, rolls, and French fries are surely tempting and momentarily satiating, but in the long run, these foods are only putting you at risk. But what makes these foods much more tempting is the fact that they are less expensive than healthier foods. The shelf life of these foods is much better than the healthy ones, making it easily accessible as well.

However, the food scene has changed over the past few years with healthy foods becoming tastier and accessible, but people seem to obsess over the junk foods. These practices of the public declare the virtually irrevocable habit that people have got used to, and it needs to change for a healthier community. Let us have a look at a few reasons for you to avoid junk foods.

1.  Waistline Keeps Sizing Up

Several studies have stated that the children who take junk food gain around 6 pounds annually, whereas the people who consume less junk food are said to gain lesser weight annually. Cravings might hit your appetite to try out these junk foods every time you are hungry is you have fallen into the habit of doing so. Since the rate of obesity keeps increasing with every passing year, you need to stay away from these carb-rich foods.

Excessive Amount of Nutrients

2.  Saturated Fats aren’t Any Good

Pasteurized animal sources make for certain saturated fats that are healthy for human bodies, but the ones that come from other sources aren’t good for you; be it the saturated fats or trans fats. Cardiovascular conditions such as atherosclerosis and stroke are said to creep up in the bodies that are frequently fed with these fat variants.


3.  Excessive Amount of Nutrients

Large amounts of nitrates, fats, and vitamins can cause adverse health effects, which most people forget when sinking their teeth into the delicious foods. Cancer occurs in the people who consume a huge amount of nitrate-containing meats. LDL cholesterol could keep on increasing when you consume a lot of saturated fat. Since processed foods also have high sugar content, the calories you consume per meal would be as high as that of an ideal intake for a whole day, or even more. Foods use salt as a preservative to keep the meat and other processed products from being damaged, and consumption of these foods results in bloating and high blood pressure.


4.  Hormones and Antibiotics

The fast foods contain a high amount of chemicals and antibiotics, which are added to preserve the products. Dimethylpolysiloxane and tertiary butylhydroquinone are some of the life-threatening hormones present in certain dishes, and you can find such hormones in fruits and vegetables too.

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