We’re crowdfunding to build Food Works, Sheffield’s first sustainable food hub.

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We’ve been working hard for the last three years as ‘The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield’ collecting and redistributing perfectly good food that might otherwise have gone to waste.

In the past three years we’ve been able to save over 319 tonnes of usable food from going into the bins of Sheffield. This is thanks to the support and help of a relatively small yet incredibly strong community of volunteers, food suppliers and sponsors. Yet this 319 tonnes is only 0.1% of the food wasted in our city.

With your help, we can do so much more.

We will need a big walk in fridge, some REALLY big freezers and a long term warehouse lease. We need to think bigger in every way except maybe our name, which could do with being a bit shorter. So that’s why we’re changing our name to ‘Food Works’ and running this crowdfunding project to help us secure a permanent home and to fully equip it.

We’ve got loads of fantastic rewards to say thank you – from £5 upwards – so pledge to support our crowdfunder today and tell all your friends!

Crowdfunding Page:

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