Learning with Fuel For School

Fuel For School includes a broad educational program which we’ll help you implement and deliver within your school. Activities will use the regular supply of fresh food and ingredients, and the live social environment created by the market stall.

The range of activities is under constant development and includes:

  • Introduction to Fuel For School
  • Cooking and Nutrition
  • Cross Curricular market stall activities
  • Seasonal packs

Introduction to Fuel For School


We will help you launch Fuel For School. You will receive a 6-part resource pack which you can use with your pupils in preparation. In addition we’ll come to run an assembly session and workshop in your school. You can download the first part of the resource pack for an idea of what’s included:

Cooking and Nutrition

We’ll offer support for the Cooking and Nutrition section of the national curriculum. A full resource pack including assessment grid is being developed in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University for a launch in September 2017.


Cross curricular market stall activities

The market stall is an exciting complex environment with a wide range of learning opportunities ranging from math and numeracy skills to social and language skills. The cross-curricular pack is due to launch in September 2017

Seasonal pack

Twice a year we will release a seasonal pack with interesting activities around a seasonal event, such as the Chineese New Year, or Wimbledon.