School Improvement

School Improvement Priorities
Sheffield’s School Improvement Priorities

Fuel For School aligns very well with the priorities identified in Sheffield’s School Improvement Strategy.

Hunger is a significant barrier to learning. Free school meals can help with that, but they are not enough.

Fuel For School will enable you to provide an accessible food offer as well as skills and awareness that will help families to improve their well being. More information on this can be found in a case study which was published by the School Food Plan:

Case Study

Fuel For School creates an environment in which pupils and their families can rediscover and deepen their relationship with food. It is an opportunity not to just learn about nutrition and well being, but take direct action to improve it.


Fuel For School offers a uniquely rich learning experience. It is about making real change and empowering pupils, the school and the community to take direct action together to improve each-others lives.