4 Things You Should Eat This Summer

4 Things You Should Eat This Summer

Feasting on the burgers, pizzas, and aerated drinks for a sumptuous meal should be a practice that you must quit in order to stay healthy. If you have been consuming such foods for some time now, you are bound to stop it at least for the summer. Such meaty, oily foods might not what you want to stay cool in the scorching heats. Taking a reasonable amount of fatty foods with a fair share of nutritious foods would also be a great way of maintaining a balance. Since summer is the season where your body can get dehydrated more often, you need to keep yourself hydrated a through the day and have sufficient amount so nutrients and fiber in your body. Here are a few things that you should add to your diet this summer.

1.   Bottle Gourd

This vegetable that promotes weight loss wouldn’t be on the list of your favorite veggies for it is less crunchy and juicy. But it surely must make your list of summer foods a rich one with the vitamins A and C, magnesium, and calcium to keep you healthy. It helps in purifying blood, keeping the blood pressure stable, and maintaining a healthy heart. Make sure you take this vegetable at least three times a week in the summer.

2.  Barley Water

Barley Water

All mothers try persuading their kids into having a glass of barley water for strength. Most women drink this to stay active throughout the day while doing daily chores. Its nutritive content can keep anyone healthy and energized; the fiber-rich drink will keep your stomach full and prevent you from taking the junk foods. Adding some salt or sugar to the drink can make it easier for you to take it in a few gulps, which is otherwise a bit hard with the bland taste. It can keep you cool in the summers and also cure any issues of constipation.

3.  Mint Water with lemon

Lemonade is a drink that most people sip onto for its refreshing benefits, but you have to try mint water with a tinge of lemon in it. This drink has a lot of health benefits like of cleansing your liver, boosting your metabolism, and gearing up your low appetite. Add a few drops of lemon in a glass of mint water and consume it to experience the cooling effects take over.

4.  Watermelon


This fruit is considered to be the best solution to the ever-growing summer hassles. Since it contains 90% of water, biting into a piece of watermelon after a day in the sun can help you stay hydrated. Also, as watermelon is the tastiest entry on this list, you better have a good reason not to have the fruit. It is an excellent digestive drink and helps maintain your skin in good condition by clearing up acne, stopping the skin from oxidation, and brightening your skin. There is no better way to beat the heat this summer than having a glass of watermelon juice or biting into a whole piece of it.

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