We have just been informed that the massive tomato shipment has been put on hold. Thank you to everyone who has signed up, shared and mobilised to help us out. You have been amazing! Whilst it’s been a huge effort, we’re also glad the tomatoes might not be wasted after all.
It turns out their original client has decided to take a look at them in person, and is coming in from Turkey, so the supplier is keeping them on ice until that’s happened. It might be that they do end up coming our way after this but at the moment we don’t know for certain.
We started the tomato-geddon operation with the very best of intentions to help save them all and expected to take delivery of them in the next day or two. The response has been fantastic with over 75% of the 50 tonnes reserved. It just goes to show how Sheffield can get behind the food waste problem, even when it comes in massive 10kg bags!
So, keep an eye out on your emails. If we do find out the tomatoes are coming we will let you know asap and your original reservation will still stand.
If you’d like to get involved in saving food from being wasted every day then check our website on ways you can help:
TRJFP Sheffield Team x