The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield is a network promoting the value of food, and the value of people. We try to reduce unnecessary food waste, improve the availability of food for everyone and develop critical skills and understanding in relation to food.

We want to challenge you to think about three issues:

1: Concept of food waste: You will be challenged to think about the food you are eating which is perfectly healthy and delicious and would otherwise have been in destined for landfill.

2: The value of food: Meals produced will be available on a ‘Pay-As-You-Feel’ basis meaning that you can chose to pay in money, skills or your energy by washing up, helping out, teaching us something.

3: Build community: By reconnecting with the simple values of feeding the community we hope to engage people in becoming involved with the project and helping each other out. We are linking with many charities and food banks to ensure the awareness of the project is wide reaching.

We’re really excited to be bringing the first Pay-as-you-Feel surplus food café to Sheffield!