Steeple Corner Café opens 5 days a week!

Steeple Corner Café, based in Victoria Centre, Stafford Road, will re-open after a Christmas break 5 days a week from Tuesday 10th January 2017! 

The café will serve breakfasts, lunches, drinks, snacks and cakes during the following hours:

Tuesday                  10am – 4pm

Wednesday           10am – 4pm

Thursday               10:30am – 4pm

Friday                    10am – 4pm

Saturday                10am – 4pm

Saturday Evening Bistro       7pm-9pm

Steeple Corner Café is part of The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield and operates on a pay-as-you-feel basis, meaning customers can offer money, time or skills in return for their meals. The team are made up of volunteers and a full time chef.

Check out some pics of our food and menus from last year!


The Saturday evening bistros will launch again shortly, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates!

You can find the café on Stafford Road, between City and Granville Road in S2.

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