Christmas Eve Extravaganza 2018

Hi folks,

As is now tradition we’ll be back with the annual Christmas Eve extravaganza from 6-9pm. Our volunteers will  do the rounds of all the Sheffield stores we work with and we envisage having a fair amount of sprouts and possibly some more exciting things. The stores all close for at least one day, which in the food retail world is a lifetime so we’re helping the food go to bellies, not bins.

Come along between 6 and 9pm on Christmas Eve and help us make use of all this surplus festive food!

The Sharehouse Market is based at 49 Carlisle Street, Sheffield, S4 7LJ, opposite Vaux Tyres.

To add to the excitement our CROWDFUNDER closes at 11pm on Chistmas Eve. Even if you can’t make it doen please pledge if you can – we’re almost there but need everyone’s help in Sheffield to reach our goal!! Full info, rewards and short video here:

Below are the full opening times for the Christmas and New Year period 2018-19.

Xmas 2018 Opening Soc Sq


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