Social and environmental impact

Fuel For School is not just an educational program, it is also a campaign for social and environmental change. By joining us your school will become an active campaigner impacting both.

Environmental impact

Food waste is a major contributor to global warming. By diverting edible food from landfill, The Real Junk Food Project ensures that the skills and resources invested in the production of food aren’t wasted. It also prevents harmful greenhouse gasses being developed from the food decomposing in landfill. Just by utilising your weekly food delivery your school will save around 20 tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to an average car driving around the globe twice.

A day of intercepted food at The Real JunkFood Project Sheffield
A day of intercepted food at The Real JunkFood Project Sheffield

In addition the program will present many opportunities to improve your environmental impact as a school, and to help your local community to do the same.

Social impact

The Fuel For School Market stall will provide a weekly supply of fresh food to your local community. All food on your market stall will be available on a Pay As You Feel basis. This means that there is no set price, customers pay in whatever way they think is appropriate. This means people are welcome to pay whatever it is they can afford. It also means it is possible in other ways than money. We encourage schools to consider ways for parents to pay in kind or by providing time and skills. When run well, a Pay As You Feel market stall is a place where food is accessible to all without any stigma.

Fuel For School can also help you run targeted activities in support of pupils with insufficient access to healthy food. You can choose to take your weekly delivery for up to 52 weeks in the year to support holiday activities with food. We also provide you with access to our central store where you can pick up additional supplies which could be used for school breakfasts.